Photo series: Visiones del Alma

Photos and words by Eugenia Pacheco

Editor’s comment: Peachy Magazine features both independent and established artists and creators with a story to share. Showcasing a creative, original and diverse range of artists is a core value on which Peachy Magazine is driven. The following feature is a series created by the artist Eugenia Pacheco. Enjoy the story!

Since I bought my first camera I take it pretty much everywhere with me, but I guess I get inspired the most when I am traveling.

By Eugenia Pacheco

There is something beautiful and nostalgic about taking pictures of people and places you might never see again. I like thinking that photography has helped me immortalise the little moments of my life. It is a unique experience for me to capture my own perspective of the world through the lens, and to create a narrative between the different instants that have had an impact on me.

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