Peachy Magazine teams up with film photography apparel brand On Lock to give away one of their white long-sleeved Tower print tees. 

Go to Peachy Magazine’s Instagram to enter the giveaway.

The giveaway ends on Friday, August 7th, 6 pm (GMT+1), and the winner will be randomly picked and contacted via DM on Instagram. 

White long-sleeved Tower print tee.

About On Lock: 

“On Lock was born from a struggle. 

The struggle to find a place for my photography. For others photography. In the current storm of never ending content it’s become increasingly hard to find a place for your creativity without it being washed away in a moment, a day or by the swipe of a finger. 

I wanted something more permanent. 

Skateboarding has grown and thrived on its counter culture, D.I.Y. philosophy. It’s transformed fashion, music and even language. I wanted to harness and adapt that attitude to bring the tangible practice of film photography off our screens and into our hands again. 

On Lock isn’t just a streetwear brand, it’s a celebration of collective creativity.”

An extra treat for everyone: 

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